24 hour turnaround on tune ups!

No appointment required.

Rental 2.0


TT Bikes, Road Bikes, MTN Bikes, Cruisers, Hybrids, Kids Bikes, Ebikes.

No appointment required. Just bring your bicycle in.

Call us for pricing.

Wo offer Simple Service Packages.

Complete Over-Haul

This service is recommended at least once a year.

(This service is recommended for all Road Bikes,TT Bikes, and MTN Bikes)

In this service, we strip your bicycle apart and check for wear on all bicycle components. We make sure every part is back in place and you bicycle is 100% for your next ride.

Premium Tune Up

This service is recommended every 3 to 6 months.

(This Service is recommended on all Road Bikes, TT Bikes and MTN Bikes)

This service is meant to extend the life of your bicycle. We check for wear in your chain, cassette, adjust gears, adjust brakes, and minor wheel true. A clean and smooth ride is what you can exprect.

Espresso Tune Up

This service is recommended at anytime.

(This service is recommended for all bicycles)

This service includes, gear adjustment, brake adjustment, minor wheel true, and the cost for any other parts that you would like to include.

Perfect time to change tires, tubes, bar tape or chain.

Do you need us to pick up?

Just give us a quick call, and we can schedule a pick up and we can delivery after your bike is fixed.

*Small Fee Applies


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